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like John Edward able to receive accurate information? I knew I needed to meet John Edward.

I never had a psychic reading. I didn’t know the difference between a psychic, a medium, a tarot card reader, or a fortune teller. My skeptical parents, my husband, even my entire family would never had entertained the idea that anyone could get a message from the dead. In fact, before Papa’s visit, I would not have believed.

My entire life and education had prepared me to have proof for any statement of decisive thought that I shared with another. What if these mediums were charlatans or scam artists?

I knew my grandfather, William, had spoken to me. He gently had tried to soften the pain I would experience upon hearing of my father’s passing. He knew me as the sensitive, loving grandchild he had held high in the air and spun around with complete abandon. I always loved seeing him, listening to his husky Russian accent; I was one of his favorite little grandchildren.

"Papa," was there in the still darkness of that night to reassure me, with love, that he was all right and that my Dad would be all right also.

If he had survived death and could bring me knowledge of an event that would happen in the future, the death of my father, then where was Papa and how could I communicate with him again? That small moment in time, that dream or visit from my Grandpa was enough to set me off on a quest, a journey to discover who could help me find answers to newfound questions. I wanted to believe. Even though I was not always fully aware of what was happening along the way, synchronicities and coincidences, on a daily basis, guided me one step at a time. I accidentally met people, by chance I learned of things I needed to do, unexpectedly "signposts" were there.

This search to comprehend spiritual communication was also a search for selfawareness, life purpose, and understanding of love and personal interrelations in a more emotionally mature context.

I sent a letter to John Edward. Months passed. There was no response. I postponed my search when I began to sense my mother’s time to pass was rapidly advancing. Soon she was physically more fragile; nevertheless, I wanted to share with her my Grandfather’s spiritual visit. I needed her to know that the big fear that our family had regarding death was false. Death was not an ending…just a new beginning.