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Mediums and Spiritual Messages For Healing - Sheryl Glick

A Medium is a person who is sensitive to energy and the shifts in the environment, and in the people they interact with. This relationship with energy allows them to connect to souls in spirit who wish to communicate with their loved ones, often for the purpose of healing broken and unfinished relationships. Mediums are able to raise their own vibration by eliminating any negative emotions or behavior that create blockages to their more positive thought processes, and then they are able to connect through the energetic strands present in the universe to sense the thoughts and feelings of those who continue to survive in the afterlife. Mediums, as conduits and channels, create the environment necessary to communicate with spirit.

Mediums using their gifts of clairvoyance, having inner impressions or visions, or clairaudience, impressions of names, dates, songs, and phrases, or clairsentience, physical feelings in the body such as pain, sadness, joy, excitement, and even feeling the personality traits that made that person uniquely special, can all be various ways the medium receives the information to give to the person receiving the reading.

The difference between a psychic and a medium is just in understanding how they are receiving information from energy sources. A psychic receives information from the energy field knows as the aura of a living person. Mediums often receive information the same way. However, mediums go one step further to transcend time and space and receive information from departed spiritual beings. Well trained mediums do not judge or interpret the information coming through, but must function from a loving and balanced perspective for both those souls receiving the message and those sending the message.

Sheryl Glick as a healing medium uses her sensitivity to the energies of her clients, and also to the sensitivities of the guides and loved ones in spirit to connect to each other through time and space to remember they are still together sharing and exploring life, though in different dimensions. This knowledge enables them to develop their divine potential gifts, heal physical ailments, and transcend emotions that prevent their connection to the most positive aspects of their personality and life. Through this very personal connection of energy, Sheryl’s clients are able to automatically know the truth. “We do not die, we merely change our form and move to a “New Life.”
The goal therefore of Sheryl’s system of healing energy work, and medium ship combined, is to always know “Love is eternal” and therefore our choice should be to expand our hearts to receive and give more love, and that is the true reason of why we exist.