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Essential Healing Oils Support Physical Emotional Spiritual Health


Volume (4) |Episode (64)
August 20, 2018

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Dr. Kac Young

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In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick, author of The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love welcomes Dr. Kac Young author of The Healing Art of Essential Oils offering master insights into uses, blending history and spiritual benefits to the science and art of essential oils.

Kac Young PhD shares a concise practical and holistically competent source of information history and qualities of the most important essential oils for healing. Formerly a producer in the television industry Kac Young holds doctorate degrees in clinical hypnotherapy natural healing and naturopathic medicine. She runs a private practice where she consults with people who want to change their lifestyle and prolong their lives helping with weight loss smoking cessation addictions physical conditions and chronic pain.

Sheryl and her guests share their amazing journeys of self-discovery and in that process the awareness of spiritual wisdom, higher Consciousness and a greater understanding of our true nature as physical and divine forces and how to merge those aspects of life to lead us to a healthier happier and more purposeful life experience.

In Young’s chapter on Using Essential Oils for Healing she discusses several energy healing modalities including Chakra Healing, Five Element Healing, Astrological Healing, and Charms Talismans and Crystal all part of holistic modalities which work in unison to foster greater awareness of the mind body spirit connection.

She writes, “Waking up to healing means knowing All wounds can be healed, all negativity can be exchanged for something more positive and life-affirming. This art of healing is deep within the body and resides there genetically and spiritually. It is never impossible to heal anything and everything in your mind, body and spirit. When you set your mind and intention to healing you create an energy that sets the therapy in motion immediately and you awaken the healer within. Once you make up your mind to heal pathways open up and appear in your life….What methods will you use or what approach will you take given all the alternatives you have to chose from?....Do you wish to stick to more traditional approaches or are you one who likes to experiment with new approaches? There are many paths we can take.’

Dr. Young share a few different ways to use essential oils. Essential oils are paired with each of the seven chakras and healing can occur as you locate your issues and work with the essential oils associated with a chakra and move up through the circles of spiraling energy. She gives a very clear description of the Chakra energy healing system and describes the word “Chakra” is Sanskrit for vortex, spinning wheel or circle. According to Vedic beliefs chakras are circles of energy that balance store and distribute the energies of life all through your physical body via the subtle body, the nonphysical body otherwise known as our soul or spirit overlaying the physical body.

The practice of healing by attending to the Chakras originated in India as an Ayurvedic medicine meaning (ayur or life and veda or knowledge) Chakras are not actually physical but are aspects of consciousness. The body responds to the negative or positive energy of the chakra and the physical manifestation of chakra energy are real and measurable. The chakras are not as dense as the physical body: they interact with the physical body through two major passageways: the endocrine system and the nervous system. Each chakra can be associated with a particular part of the body and certain physical functions within the body. A very good description of the characteristics of each chakra and the essential oils most beneficial to working with each chakra is available in The Healing Art of Essential Oils.

These seven chakras or energy wheels start at the base of the spine and move upward to the seventh area located at the crown of the head. They coincide with the positions along the spinal cord of the major nerve groups Each chakra represents a particular part of the body, a natural element and a separate color and qualities attributed to it but also represents a musical tone or note. The universe is frequently referred as the Uni-verse that is one song made up of many sounds. The sounds embodied by the seven chakras comprise a musical harmony for the triad of mind body and spirit.

The book gives great detailed descriptions of each chakra We share an example here.

First Chakra: The Root Chakra
Color Red

Location: the base of the spine, muladhara is associated with stability, ambition, financial independence, and grounding and centering. It is the hub of our immune system and represents our survival-food shelter protection- and early family ties. It is the chakra from which action and vitality originate

Balance: We feel alive, optimistic, happy strong, grounded, vital motivated, and powerful

Imbalance: We may experience depression, confusion, alienation, self-centeredness, jealousy aggression or rage. Without a balance of this chakra the other six will not be able to function correctly.

Body: Legs, bones, adrenal glands, colon spinal column

Element: Earth

Musical note: C

Suggested oils: Cedarwood frankincense, myrrh, melissa neroli palo santo, patchouli, sandlewood, spikenard, vetiver

Another alternative method you may wish to explore is the Five Element Healing System taken from Chinese Medicine which uses the elements of wood water fire metal and earth for achieving balance in the natural cycle of creation and destruction. Each season rules organs emotions and body parts and has certain attributes qualities and overriding natural energies. Each season has certain colors textures and shapes associated with it. Each season has organ systems and meridians of energy associated with it. Each system has certain body clues to let you know when it’s out of balance. The Chinese believe when you have achieved balance between the five elements in your body and your environment you will experience harmony.

Another effective alternative approach to healing is to utilize your astrological sign as a guideline. You can discover a lot about yourself through astrological sciences, our natal sign the time of birth the placement of the sun moon and our rising sign at the moment we entered life.

There are 12 signs and everyone in the world is one sign or another.
Sheryl picked Virgo to show as an example as Sheryl is a Virgo born almost near the cusp who shares attributes of the next sign Libra.


Planetary ruler: Mercury

Element: Earth

Key phrase: “I analyze”

Beneficial traits: Intelligent, down to earth, discriminatory, detail-oriented, responsible, true friend, loyal, healer, in service to others, shy homebody, reflective, thoughtful, helpful
Challenging traits: High strung, perfectionist, overly critical, insecure, skeptical, cold, inflexible.
Body Parts Sinuses, respiratory system bowels prone to allergies, colds and flu
Essential Oils Ylang-ylang Roman chamomile, and Melissa are soothing for the overly taxed mind and feelings of being

overwhelmed: ginger lemon pink grapefruit and thyme help with excessive worry and support good health; sandalwood and frankincense alleviate stress and anxiety

Sheryl at the time of recording this show has been experiencenig sinus and allergy issues and laryngitits. Kac suggests to boil water add 6 drops of lemon organic essential oil and 5 drops of peppermint oil into the hot water cover your head and inhale the steam. Lemon oil and eucalyptus oil may be used in a diffuser as well.

Kac goes on to describe the Primary Palette of 12 Essential Oils. If you could only have one essential oil, lavender the most versatile of all essential oils and one of the most gentle would be my choice. Most commonly known for its relaxing effects on the body and mind, lavender has been highly revered for healing the mind, body and soul. There are 12 essential oils for your primary palette as a healing artist. Others include Tea Tree oil for burns to prevent scaring…not meant to be ingested because internally it can turn to poison. Another primary oil is rosemary popular around the Mediterranean and can be used for cooking. The rosemary bush is part of the mint family which includes basil lavender myrtle and sage. Another primary essential oil is lemon..stimulating, calming, prevents infection, sleep, inducing digestive wellness, helps with varicose veins, parasites, anxiety, hypertension, circulation problems and obesity. Another primary oil is peppermint to relieve stomachache, clears respiratory tract, boosts energy, releases tight muscles, relieves nerve pain, lessens tooth aches. Still another is Eucalyptus used for body pains sinus congestions and colds respiratory infection sinus, coughs inflammation asthma bronchitis and also an insect repellent for centuries…works like tea tree oil.. Another one is Roman Chamomile anti-inflammatory and sedative..helps decrease gas (flatulence) treats hay fever inflammation rheumatism menstrual disorders gastrointestinal disorders hemorrhoids joint stiffness aches and pains. Frankincense was brought to Europe by the Crusaders. It is from the boswella tree. Benefits include digestive respiratory nervous and excretionary system Found useful for rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, breaking up phlegm and helping digestive disorders.

Kac recommends that you use only organic essential oils and organic carrier oils. This protects you from toxins or rancidity that can occur in the manufacturing and shipping of these concentrated oils. The whole purpose of being a healing artist and using your own palette of essential oils is in mixing and defining your colors. The carrier oils should also be organic and pure for safety and health reasons. I recommend you blend your own because you can determine what your specific needs are for relief from any condition or ailment and you can use sterile conditions and allow enough time to combine and test the blend before diluting or using it.
Tips for Blending…

  1. I recommend using only organic essential oils and organic carrier oils.
  2. Try to limit your blend to three or four essential oils for your first session
  3. Take into consideration the purpose of the blend. What are you trying to accomplish? Is it a blend for a diffuser, an inhaler, for massage, or for direct application to clear up a condition. Are you working on the physical emotional or spiritual level? Is this to heal yourself or another? Intention is very important.
  4. If you are working on a fragile blend, you may want to add a top note with a middle and a base note for your first effort.
  5. Use 3x5” cards to keep a record of how many drops you used per each essential oil and for what purpose so you can duplicate the blend if it works well for you.
  6. Remember a little goes a long way. One drop at a time. You can always add more.
  7. I firmly believe in creating your own blends and not purchasing blends already pre-mixed. Essential oils should be pure organic and the blends should come for your own inner healing wisdom

There are also Toxic Essential Oils? Certain toxic essential oils include sweet birch camphor garlic onion savon arnica Boldo Leaf Cassia Horseradish Rue Mugwort Mustard wormwood and a few others.Many people want to use essential oils on their animals. There are sites that recommend it and there are also cases of animal deaths adverse reactions and illness from the improper or overly potent uses of essential oils. If you want to use essential oils you should consult a certified aromatherapist who has a good track record in animal care Cats are extremely sensitive to essential oils and can sustain kidney and liver disease…Dogs and horses are less sensitive but can also be negatively affected by certain oils. Fish birds small mammals and rodents are on the no no list for use.
Several essential oils to avoid… if you are pregnant or breastfeeding include Anise Star Sage Oregano Cumin Tarragon Wintergreen Camphor Basil Cinnamon Thyme Parsley seed or leaf and several others. However essential oils with the highest number of phenols are the ones to avoid during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Again working with a certified Aromatherapy practitioner is advised.

Kac explores anointing processes and rituals throughout history that has influenced the growing awareness of Essential Oils as a help in maintaining health and positivity.
Spikenard has been utilized since ancient times as a medicine for curing heart diseases intellectual disabilities urine related problems insomnia Famed Ayurvedic healer chakra and father of surgery Sushruta incorporated spikenard in many medicinal essential oils prescribed for edema hemorrhoids arthritis gout fractures and obstinate skin diseases mostly for external application.. Spikenard also suppresses inflammation in the digestive and nervous system and counters irritability, nervousness depression and stress and emotions such as anxiety anger and panic. The Bible contains several references to spikenard in both the Old and New Testament. Catholics claim it represents Saint Joseph. Supportive of this connection Pope Francis has included the spikenard in his coat of arms. The plant is also mentioned in “the Song of Solomon” in the Old Testament. While the king eat at his table, my spikenard sent forth its fragrance.” Spikenard essential oil was also used by ancient Roman perfumers.

In summarizing today’s episode of we have taken an interest in fifty carefully selected oils discussing uses blending history and spiritual benefits of an ancient art and science to use oils for physical and emotional healing. Oils may be used for relaxation stress relief and treating ailments. There are also in this book recipes for pain remedies skin creams weight loss rubs insect repellant household cleaners and more. As Kac Young writes, Researchers across the glove are experimenting with essential oils and clinically testing the results of healing claims and chemical properties…..Healers from a variety of disciplines are using vibrational energy to bring about a shift for the better in people suffering from conditions and illnesses. Essential oils play a big part in holistic treatment and integrated medicine practices. What seemed to be on the fringe decades ago is now becoming mainstream.”

Kac and I would have you be open to the many alternative practices that work in alignment with western medical treatments and offer ways that may reduce the amount of pharmaceutical drugs many of which have side effects. The merging of alternative treatments with allopathic medicine allow for a more aligned healing and support the immune system. When you have the opportunity to try some new non-invasive treatments simply say “Yes” and have the intention for success.

Dr. Kac Young

Guest: Dr. Kac Young