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From Lieutenant Commander to C.E.O Legacy of Excellence


Volume (4) |Episode (75)
January 21, 2019

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Nita Kasan

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Welcome to “Healing From Within.” I am your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit a tale of awakening, spiritual communication, healing, intuition and soul guidance, and today am delighted to welcome Nita Kasan who as a former Lieutenant Commander in the United States Naval Reserve Corps, to Chief Nursing Officer and currently President of Innovative Excellence shares her extensive community involvement and her desire to achieve personal and collective excellence and be a positive force for healthcare innovation.

Listeners of “Healing from Within” are well aware Sheryl and her guests share intimate experiences as we discover that self-investigation and self-mastery of emotions are the way to begin to know in metaphysical terms more about energy life, death and evolution. We then are more able to explore our spiritual gifts and reach our true life goals as people of infinite and unlimited potential for excellence.

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Nita Kasan will share her passion to help others live a life of service as her entire family did and to maintain optimum health and happy lifestyles no matter what the challenges are. Health monitoring is a key element in supporting self-advocacy and we will mention wearable technology with active sensors and minerals and stones that directly influence our body. Measuring daily bio –parameters such as blood pressure an electro cardiogram breath and heart rate, sleep quality, mood, fatigue, level blood glucose, oxygen, etc may increase your ability to elevate your consciousness and drive life changing results. Health is an attitude and a function of thought and responsible decisions.

Nita shares with us what she means by a “Legacy of Excellence.” Nita feels people who excel often are guided not by rewards such as monetary payment but from a need of the heart and soul to serve their fellow citizens work hard and live life with integrity honor and love. We have heard so much about the Legacy for example of President Obama. Perhaps it is not what we leave behind but what we create in the present moment that doesn’t need to focus on the past or future. People who act from a higher state of Consciousness concern themselves with Improving themselves and helping to improve humanity.

Sheryl feels that we are evolving and working on inner personal power or growth to do the right think not so much for what others think, but for what we need to do to raise to a higher state of consciousness beyond the restrictions and limitations of third dimensional life and to do and what feels quite simply good and right. In Sheryl’s book The Living Spirit she addressed that thought and wrote,” Many seek to be the best they can be and are encouraged to be perfect. They do not allow less for themselves than what others deem to be perfect for them. But since we are always in a state of change, the ideas and wishes of others are not nearly as important as our welcoming the experiences and challenges that surface and handling them to the best of our ability. We should aim to become a person who doesn’t find fault in others, moving past personal obstacles with courage hope and faith to find peace. Be free of any influence of others that take that state of mind-peace away from you.

But of cause as a leader, Nita works to help others to make decisions that affect them personally and to uplift and uphold our country and the world to work alongside each other in unity peace and oneness, so we must not limit ourselves to personal perceptions but must begin to see the whole big picture…and what is good for all, not just our own personal agenda. That is hard for most people to do especially those who thrive on power and control and lack a sensitivity to their soul needs or the soul needs of others.

Nita shares how her leadership on the Board of Directors for the Florida Organization of Nurse Executives have supported the coaching and mentorship of Nursing Leaders nationwide. Nita doesn’t just talk the talk but walks the walk through the challenges and experiences worldwide in living with change and finding how to adapt her skills and gifts to fit individuals and groups. That in itself is a great gift. Tell us about that experience.

Nita explains Wearable Technology and how health monitoring is a key element in supporting a positive life style. What seems complicated to those not technologically involved is actually quite simple when she describes the way her wearable monitors work and the benefits they offer and Nita describes the power of this wearable technology with active sensors, minerals and stones and how it compares to other wearable Technology devices. World Global Network has developed this new technology and continues to advance these devices all over the world.

Nita says everything we do throughout our day affects our health in either a positive or a negative way so becoming mindful aware observant and mastering our emotions is necessary for well being. Knowing this can improve the outcomes to what we wish to create or achieve.

Sheryl says in response to this though it becomes clear that so many people blame others, judge others, for whatever happens to them, failing to take responsibility for their own actions thoughts words or choices and of course this is the real problem they refuse or are unable to address. In her book The Living Spirit Sheryl wrote, “ Many people ask me, “How can I find peace and happiness in my life.” This is the answer I give them: Before there can be peace and happiness in a person’s life and in the world, every person must be responsible to do their own work about acknowledging what needs to change within their attitudes or actions so that they may better relate to the outer world. Finding true happiness and joy is the natural outcome of self-investigation. There are no short cuts. No one can make you happy or unhappy unless you give him or her the power to do that by surrendering or giving your own power away. Many seek to be the best they can and are encouraged to be perfect. They do not allow less for themselves than what others deem to be perfect for them. But since we are always in a state of change, the ideas and wishes of others are not nearly as important as our welcoming the experiences and challenges that surface and handling them to the best of our ability.”

Nita shares with us that in order to find balance and happiness in life it is necessary to know who you are emotionally physically spiritually and mentally and to continue to learn and be present in the moment, with full attention to what feeds and fuels your curiosity and love of life. You must participate and be involved moving past your own fears or limitations to explore and allow for personal growth, and to become aware that while nothing in life is perfect only opportunities to realize change and progress, with the right tools and attitudes allow for the many new experiences needed to improve life in all aspects.

In summarizing today’s episode of Healing From Within we have shared the journey of one woman from nurse to military involvement to corporate life and in all endeavors find her way to improve herself and community often through a greater awareness of life and who we are as energy beings sharing a physical reality that encourages us to grow and evolve to a higher consciousness and to greater awareness of true success and health.

Nita and I would have you explore life through accepting many different roles jobs or conditions and to ultimately share your gifts of compassion and resiliency through your efforts to be healthy and aware of the greater values of our existence which are of course humility grace balance harmony love and compassion and we all that within us which we can radiate into the world with every word thought and action we do…Be strong be fair and be ever alert to the goodness within.

Nita Kasan

Guest: Nita Kasan