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Be Still: Hear Your Heart’s Inner Voice


Volume (4) |Episode (27)
February 19, 2018

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Mynoo Maryel

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Hello and welcome to Healing From Within I am your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication, healing energies and ways to awaken your inner soul wisdom. Today I welcome Mynoo Maryel author of The Be Book..a Journey Into Miracles and Guide to Self-Liberation.

Mynoo shares with the audience her journey from her very successful world as a business entrepreneur in Europe Asia and Australia, as a producer of 15 feature films for Bollywood and Hollywood, and her work as a specialist advisor to key leaders in the UK. In 2010 Mynoo went through a series of spiritual awakenings which led to her awareness of her true soul mission and she tells us that made all the difference in her thinking and actions, moving her to creating the best version of herself.

Mynoo tells of the beginning of the slow shut-down of her connection to her heart when at two being raised by her grandparents while mother was in another town studying, she went off to find her mother…. ran away from her grandmother’s school and was already in search of showing how she eventually learned to be independent, rely on herself, and let them know how you feel. Only a year later when her sister was born she asked her aunt why there were no presents brought for her to their home, only presents for the baby. Her aunt answered that she was a big girl now and could go to the shop and pick her own gift. Later she heard her aunt telling the story and the adults all laughed. That hurt her and because of that experiences she decided to BE STRONG and keep secrets. Mynoo became a smiling, playful, yet aloof child, not sharing much about herself and that demeanor helped her became a leader in any crowd. The experiences of our childhood life like all our experiences are not random but can help us learn more about ourselves and the world around us and affect our behavior and reactions well into adulthood.

Mynoo’s grandfather was an accomplished Ayurvedic doctor of several villages and one where Lord Krishna had been born. Living with her grandparents and being present when her Grandfather was in session with patients taught Mynoo many things: living in nature, visiting the cowherd, drinking fresh milk out of a cup made of mud ..these times were her earliest experiences in “Being” and she decided to CHOOSE TO BE ENCHANTED.

Mynoo wrote… “I saw that throughout my life I had made choices, created boundaries and prioritized different aspects of my life from a place of trying to manage expectations and I had compromised my own needs in the process. In an effort to keep peace and try to please everyone, I had often become overwhelmed. I continued to appear strong on the surface while, unbeknownst to me, I had weakened on the inside and then allowed myself to disconnect from within. I realized that I HAD MADE THESE CHOICES and that I had led a life of stress, anxiety and disconnectedness. So now I made another choice: I chose to live and EXTRAORDINARY LIFE.”

Mynoo also participated in a plays and was captivated by the enthusiasm of the audience. She WRITES, “Since childhood I have frequently spent time in solitude pondering and distilling the morals and lessons of my life experiences.” Mynoo skipped grades and was the youngest and smallest in her classes. Sheryl can relate as she skipped 8th grade and graduated college just when she was nineteen years old and didn’t like being controlled by parents or anyone… quietly rebellious, but also conforming to expected norms.

Mynoo has discovered “To BE or not to BE” is the real question for us to think about. Caught up in the rat race of expectations and doing is a loss to reflecting on your inner essence which when allowed to flourish offer deep feelings and intuition that can lead to finding your true passion and joy in life. “Becoming” can become a state of choice and then doing just flows naturally. Mynoo found that success is not about the material rewards only, though it is nice to have enough to live in a healthy fashion. Sheryl says “I also lived a quick paced life as a type A personality, but in becoming aware of a higher reality or force was led to people who were interested in meditation, yoga, mediumship and energy healing. Sheryl began to quiet her mind and hear the inner voice allowing her to become a witness or observer of life creating a much calmer reality for herself and others. They say when the student is ready the teacher appears and there have been many wonderful people who have floated into Sheryl and Mynoo’s life to assist them in opening up their awareness to knowing, “We are indeed spiritual beings having a dual life with our physical life.”

In The Living Spirit Sheryl wrote, “I have observed and concluded for myself that happiness is not based in power, or in the accumulation of monetary goods and possessions. Rather happiness is in the joy of giving and receiving and elevating oneself in the positive eternal energy dance in this physical dimension and with awareness of our higher spirit.”
Sheryl says that every experience is the right one and every place offers the opportunity to discover more but you duality as a spiritual being having a physical life…we are not a person who has a soul but a soul having a physical life.

Mynoo tells us what led her to leave her successful life and lifestyle to pursue living a miraculous life, and what her definition of a miraculous life in the “real world” is in the following story she relates…. “It was raining all around us and not on us as if we had an invisible umbrella on us shielding us…I felt so worthy of such a miracle…then my guides explained that this happening as the start of a powerful partnership of co-creation with the universe that would unfold over the next stages of my life and the Universe had shown me this miracle. It had to be done in such a way that it broke the pattern of shaping the future based on past experiences. Hence the miracle of “It didn’t rain on us.”

Mynoo’s philosophy can be expressed in 7 key points.

  1. It is a choice we make to DO or to BE.
  2. We all go through life experiences unique to us…at different phases of life and like a jigsaw these experiences help us to live life and make choices to Be and Become and then doing just flows from there.
  3. We each have our story and may learn be inspired or impacted by others.
  4. Mynoo shares her personal journey and her map to becoming her own Guru…
  5. By Becoming you find your true inheritance which is magnificence.
  6. There are no coincidences or synchronicities everything that happens is by divine design to support us in emerging into our true self. Our choice is to determine whether we can evolve into the highest being we can possibly be or continue running in the rat race.

In the story of Mynoo’s earlier marriage to her childhood sweetheart and their move to Saudi Arabia, she describes how her husband hit her and abused her and then told her it was so Mynoo could express her emotions. In another story, Mynoo tells the story of watching a woman suffer in labor and her father, The Ugandan dictator in exile pounding on the walls and Mynoo sat with him and quieted him. The experience was an unusual one in a society where men and women are segregated so strictly …SO MANY SOCIETIES WHERE THE ANCIENT PATRIARCHIAL SYSTEM HAS NOT CHANGED OR EVOLVED LIKE IN THE MIDDLE EAST WHERE WOMEN ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WORK GO TO SCHOOL OR EXIST IN PEACE AND ARE SUBJUGATED TO THE VIOLENCE OF THE MEN THAT ADHERE TO SYSTEMS LIKE SHARIA LAW.

Women moving to other countries can choose to discard these restrictions and enter a modern way of living in equality with their male counterparts…BUT THEY MUST CHOOSE TO ASSERT THEIR INDEPENDENCE: Be Strong and Create Change.

Mynoo’s divorce from an abusive husband led her to know the opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference. By choosing to be, Mynoo settled into a new life after ten years of marriage and became a single parent free to make empowered choices…

Mynoo’s story is one of transformation. While in Perth Australia visiting friends from Bali, Kathy suggested there was a non-invasive breast exam and her friend Jakob who was experiencing a lingering pain in the right breast region made an appointment for himself. Unable to go to that appointment, Mynoo went instead and a lump the size of a golf ball was found in the exact spot where Jakob was experiencing pain. The lump was benign but needed to be surgically remove. “Not wanting to do surgery Mynoo put out the intention that she was a perfectly healthy person accepting that her body is a master healer of its own ailments. Jakob from Australia was asked to send distant healing and upon her return to the doctor the lump was gone.” This is a story of complete trust in Spirit and a healing and possibly a way for Mynoo to know….There is nothing to forgive and nothing to forget: there is only to allow receive and accept.

Sheryl tells a story of a lump under her son Gregg’s arm many years ago. “Gregg called Sheryl and said he had pain and a lump in his left armpit. Sheryl was not able to be there for the test but sent distant healing and it was her first time as a new Reiki practitioner to work with this technique..She prayed and asked God to protect her son and suggested she would work for Him every day of her life if he could be well….Using my Reiki healing techniques and symbol of distant healing, I put my hand under my armpit and allowed the energy to flow through me to my son who was across the country on the West coast. I could feel pain and then an explosion like the lump was eradicated…I wasn’t sure what it meant but when Gregg called me later that day he said the doctor had only found scar tissue during the procedure and there was nothing to send out to pathology…I started to cry thank God, and Know that prayer and trust can work miracle healings.

Sheryl says “I think throughout our world, people are awakening at the present time simply remembering to look within themselves for the wondrous truth of our eternal soul nature and to value the magnificence of all life experiences. They are finding out that without judgment or reserve, the possibilities to create and manifest all that we put our thoughts intentions and efforts into… going beyond the impossible to make wondrous things happen, is now within our reach.” It seems the chaos of these times may be the way forward.

Mynoo wrote “Be fulfilled and you enjoy whatever you have wherever you are.” This to me seems to be the way to a purposeful happy healthy joyful life…to try your best and accept challenges staying true to your own personal power or soul graciousness. Reflecting this thought into the world of one’s growing awareness of the true nature of our Being seems to be the most valuable commodity on the planet.

Sheryl says… “We still will be doing or creating our life story but when it is alignment with Universal force or Spirit and our life plan, or what our soul hopes to discover in this life, we are both “doing and becoming” at the same time aligning to our mind body and spirit.”

Mynoo explains to us the key steps to living a miraculous life based on being.

The A list of the BE list is:

  1. Be Miraculous..allow something beautiful to happen so your heart sings
  2. Be Magical …be full of wonder smiles and a childlike curiosity
  3. Be Abundant… feel enriched and in flow circulating receiving and accepting your gifts
  4. Be Trust…feel ease and joy unconditionally accepting all that is.
  5. Be Beauty …stand in your own light and be a beam of happy light as you walk into a room
  6. Be Grace a harmony of elegance, gratitude and peace
  7. Be Love the feeling of blossoming into your own magnificence

Mynoo Maryel has shared her journey from one world of our physical life to the inner world of soul energy and for writing The BE Book which offers readers ways to discover their true nature and utilize this new perspective to create our lives living up to the wondrous gifts of the Universe that are only waiting to be discovered and utilized.

Sheryl and Mynoo have seen how it is possible and even desirable to defy traditional boundaries and create a life where inner happiness and spiritual awareness afford you the confidence to go beyond the status quo and ordinary life to truly “Become” the best version of your magnificent soul Self.

Mynoo writes… “Knowledge has an innately powerful ability to changing your perception of reality forever helping you to consciously reframe and tackle areas that are holding you back. Once you read the Be Book, there is no going back! As you follow me through my personal journey, your perception of life will be forever altered, allowing you to break through your personal barriers, become your own Guru and take the driving seat to a bigger, better and more fulfilling life.”

Mynoo and Sheryl would have you begin to know that as you begin to rejoice in the coincidences synchronicities and miracles of your life, without questioning their veracity and with greater love and appreciation, the flow of your intentions will manifest into your life. You will receive wisdom and help as you do the work to unfold and express the creative force of your soul energy into the world. All obstacles will fall away and all the resources, people, and opportunities you need will come to you with ease..Trust that you can and you will achieve many delightful happenings that bring smiles to your life and to others in a continuous flow of love.

Mynoo Maryel

Guest: Mynoo Maryel